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How many tribes do you belong to? To be clear a tribe is a group of people that are like minded in a particular facet of your life. I have many tribes. I have my book club tribe, my political tribe, my professional business women tribe, my philanthropy tribe, my chamber of commerce tribe, my Gasperilla Krewe tribe, my Rotary tribe, my hometown tribe, my family tribe, and probably a dozen more that I cant define right now. Some of my tribes overlap because they have so much in common. Some of my tribes wouldn't get along and would have nothing in common. They do all have a purpose in my life and each one fills another part of myself. When I say myself I mean the wonder and diversity that makes up the best and worst parts of me.

A few of my tribes I have known a long time and some are new to me. Some of the ones I have had in my life the longest add new members all the time. My tribes tend to grow as tall and wild as a beanstalk, while a few are limited in number. They change and transform based on the members at the time and the needs of the tribe. They are ever changing and often stagnant. I may not visit them all regularly but I know deep down they are there and they miss me when I am not. They sometimes fill a void in my life and other times cause me to lose track of my life. It all depends on my needs at the moment.

I have been strategic in finding my tribes and in nurturing them. I want diversity in my life. I want to be challenged in my thinking. If you only gravitate to that in which you know you can never grow into that in which you are capable of being. I sometimes want to have unwavering support and love from some of my tribes. I want to rock the boat and educate my tribes on things I may know that they may not. I want a tribe I can learn from and agree to disagree with. I want one with members who admire and love me for all my goodness yet will gently shake me for my poor choices. My tribes have lifted me up out of darkness and sometimes made me question my journey. I have made some of my best friends thru my tribes and recognized who I wish not to be like in members of other tribes.

You see the word "tribe" is another way to describe a club, membership, friend group, or family. I separate them out in my head so I can give each one the part of me that belongs to them individually. When I spend time with my Gasperilla Krewe tribe I get to dress in fun costumes and socialize the night away. When I am visiting my philanthropic tribe I am there to support the community and stroke my check. When I attend my Rotary tribe meetings I play a leadership role and participate in community projects. My book club keeps me well rounded by introducing me to a variety of thought provoking stories and opinions from a wise group of women. I like the diversity in my tribes in fact it is that I rely upon to make me a person of substance.

Having all of these tribes has created an organic sphere of influence in my life. It is a sphere I can count on when I need someone to speak for me, or write a recommendation for me. It is the sphere of influence that grounds me to my community and keeps me caring for its members in all times. I am often consulted on who can do what, and who knows who. I am asked how to get things done and where to go for this and that. It is a skill set that can only be obtained by diversifying your tribes. Be a lover of people and knowledge. Learn to listen and grow. Learn to show up to the world the way you want to be seen by others. Show your tribe they matter to you and learn to matter to them.

I love all my tribes and thank them for giving me the Ideas that Deliver.

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