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The Source owner has a heart for philanthropy and cares deeply about the community.  This list of projects is just an example of a few that she has contributed to or created, to create awareness and unity in the local community. She believes there is movement when a community unites for a specific goal. 

Hernando County Homesteading, Inc.

This group is for Hernando County residents to share ideas and tips for the homesteading community. We can all do our part to lessen our family's consumption's environmental and economic impacts. Changing our habits, upcycling, protecting our families and property, growing food, trading goods, raising livestock, pioneer practices, and lessening our footprint.

Some call us preppers, pioneer people, environmentalists, and other terms, but we call ourselves self-reliant, self-sustainers, and hard workers.

Hernando County Homesteading

Hernando County $50 Diners club

Hernando County $50 Diners club!

The purpose of this group is to have breakfast, lunch or dinner together with groups of approximately 10 or more where each person in attendance leaves a $50 tip for the server.  This can have a huge impact on that server, the restaurant and our local community. 


Hernando County Connections

A positive page to share local community resources and activities to bring awareness and support to members of the community. A forum for constructive conversations that will benefit the community. Love Where You Live!

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