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Public Event- How to advocate for yourself in the workplace and home.

It was a pleasure to be considered as an expert on the subject of advocating for yourself at the Business and Professional Women monthly dinner event in August 2020. This panel discussion allowed for a diverse look into the challenges women face in business and in their home lives in being their best advocates. The panelists included Lorraine Lane owner of Lane Business Consulting, Teri Nichols owner of Spherion Staffing, and myself. The members of the group are business owners, marketing representatives, and future community leaders who brought a very bright light to the evening.

The discussions fostered spirited ideas and unique ways of dealing with complex topics such as diversity in the workplace, sexism by peers and management, girl code, and so much more. I spoke specifically to how important it is to have many "tribes" in your life. A kindred connection to a diverse group of people opens up your life to vast experiences and knowledge. Your "tribes" become an extension to your support system when you really need it. Authentic relationships grow your personal and business lives equally.

I serious discussion regarding how to advocate for yourself when asking for a raise, helped to create a path to confidence and a structured plan around documenting your worth with supporting facts. Its easy for anyone to think they are worthy of more money at their job, but until you can prove to the employer you bring a "value add" to the position, you will be hard pressed to get that raise. Documenting your accomplishments, attaining or exceeding your goals, customer testimonies, and staff support can all help in providing proof of your effectiveness.

Overall the evening was full of great information, fellowship with like minded business women, and a wonderful meal. I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with the group. More detailed information about these topics can be viewed in my future blog posts.

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